Before THC420 began, some of us knew some others – but none of us knew everyone. We met through various channels and decided to build a collaborative creative team focused on breaking down the stigmas associated with cannabis.

We were tired of being repeatedly censored on various social media platforms simply because of our choice to consume cannabis while going through our day to day. “Community guideline violations” became the bane of our existence.

We believe that – while being stoners is what unites us – we are all SO MUCH MORE. The common thread that we share doesn’t entirely define us – but major social media platforms routinely threw the proverbial stoner baby out with the bathwater (edit: we don’t actually think your baby should be a stoner – our lawyers told us we needed to clarify that).

Every single one of us were at various stages of brand development on our own, when we realized that WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED we could accomplish so much more. Some of us are artists. Others are musicians. Some create things, others explore the metaphysical. And after a long day doing whatever it is we need to do, you’d better believe we spark up. Some of us are dab virgins, others eat dabs for breakfast.

I guess what we’re trying to say is that we have a little something here for everyone. Check back often!