The Councilors

Unc Smoke

Unc knows a thing or two because Unc has seen a thing or two. No-nonsense but fun-loving, this legend has hustled way more than anyone you know.


An overnight success 10 years in the making, you know him from Spotify© and his YouTube© podcast “2 Be Blunt w/ Peezy”. He is the reigning King of 420 sounds on TikTok©.



Not your average soccer mom from the Midwest. Destiny likes to dance wherever she goes. She’s bringing smiles for miles. An avid gamer, hair stylist, and master of the universe.

DJ Timmy2Turnt

You know him from spinning fire vibes on TikTok©, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This man is a dreamer and a firm believer in self-care.


She’s our metaphysical advisor and she should probably be yours, too. A certified life coach and an avid energy worker – her tarot readings will bring you chills.



Founder and CEO of 420HypeHouse, not to mention a general badass. His beard game is strong but his vibes are stronger – he will always be the one to break an awkward silence.

Dusty Thurman

Dusty knows a thing or two because Dusty has seen a thing or two. A classically trained Chef turned natural medication advocate – he is incredibly passionate about the benefits of cannabis.



CannaQueenDGO is among the most passionate anti-stigma warriors we know. She has built her career in the cannabis space with a focus on education and training – and she brings a world of knowledge about the cannabis industry to this team.